Monday, January 21, 2008

SP Packages (and also bad news from family)....

I just typed up a paragraph about some bad news I got from home this afternoon (the husband of one of my mum's friends passed away extremely young - 35 - and this situation surrounding what happened isn't great - doctor malpractice maybe?). But because I don't know the route the family is taking it's probably best I don't go into what happened. But I'm also very concerned because this doctor was also my mum's doctor. My mum has some severe undiagnosed health issue and this doctor (only a month or so ago) basically told my mum that all her -visible- health concerns were all in her head and she needs to get over herself. Whoa... Besides the terrible loss of this friend of the family, I'm extremely concerned for my mum - to have this doctor completely ignore her and also this friend and have the friend die makes you worry a bit (even though they had completely different symptoms). Anyway... I'm waiting for my mum to call me back since she's gone to spend some time with the family.
I'm not even going to go into the 3 hours I spent at the ER/Drs office on Friday due to some extremely unpleasant health issues and my rant about one of the doctors I saw (first doctor was great, the surgeon I saw for a consult after that, not so much).

So to take my mind off things a bit, I went and did some running around (bank, got my hair trimmed, checked the mail). I got some great mail today. One of the packages I got was from my Knitty SP10. I got the Interweave Favorite Socks book (I've been looking at buying it for a while now!) some yummy dark chocolate, some hot chocolate (mm!) and tea! I love, love Tazo tea - reminds me of staying at my Aunt's in BC. The other package I got was just toiletries from London Drugs. Fun and exciting none the less!

Our weather here has been extremely bizarre - it's all people are talking about downtown. The last 2 days it's been between +2 and -5C - In January!! To make it even stranger, the sun is out! Usually when it gets warm like this it's cloudy (we have to get some pretty cold weather for the sun to come out usually). I'm definitely not complaining but you can't help but think that this weather can't be good for all the ice further north. Speaking of other weird events, there was an earthquake 90km south of here and it registered a 5.8. Apparently people in town felt it but I didn't :( I'm really sad actually. As my mum said this morning, the one person who is on earthquake watch (me!!) didn't even feel it. I was probably asleep or just getting up when it happened (just before 1pm on Thursday). I have an earthquake tracker thing on my google home page and mum and I are always keeping track of the latest ones (big, small, unusual locations). There have been a few smaller ones (3s) a few hundred kms from here in the last few months but this was the closest and the biggest.

Temperature: -4C
Sunrise: 12:06pm
Sunset: 4:05pm

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