Friday, January 4, 2008


I got a fabulous package from Lulu2 on the knitty board today all the way from U.A.E
It had all sorts of neat things in it - chocolate covered dates with almonds inside, dead sea soap, date bars, little Persian rug, camels on a string, coin set, little bag, pins, little South African flag, and some gum in different flavours - coffee, banana (!!), cinnamon, cardamom (!!) and mustaka. No idea what mustaka is (best I could find was some sort of herb or something related to the cyprus tree?) but I really like the flavour. It's like a cross between lavender and pine/eucalyptus (anyone remember Thrills gum? Sort of like that). Anyway, I'm totally thrilled and can't wait for the package I sent to reach her (darn surface mail :( I'm getting impatient!).

And here's a picture of the one glove I finished for the resident's mum... I didn't bring my camera to work today and she leaves tomorrow so this is the only picture I have.

Our "Bringing Back the Sun" festival is this weekend. We should have sunrise by Monday. The days are getting noticeably brighter even without the sun coming above the horizon. It's going to be so nice to have some longer days again!

Temperature: -27C (Feels like -36C)
Sunrise: -
Sunset: -

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