Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Heat Wave!

The weather has been really hot here (between 25 & 30C) so we haven't been doing too much. My computer has been mostly off because it's been WAY too hot in here (I think it's cooler outside!).
This past weekend we went and hung out with some friends out at one of the camp grounds. I went out on Saturday night after work and then back out on Sunday and spent the day out there. We went swimming in one of the lakes (whoa, COLD!) and by the time we walked back to the site we were all dry!
On Monday we had a BBQ for my birthday. Everyone was tired from the weekend so it was a pretty quiet day. I had a lot of fun though.
Because it was so hot, yesterday was pretty much spent on the couch playing Mario Kart (yay birthday present!).

I need to get some new pictures of my plants - they're going crazy! My tomatoes came up in one afternoon!

Anyway! Just a mini update before I get ready to go to work. Once it cools down a little I'll try to do a proper post

Temperature: +25C
Sunrise: n/a
Sunset: n/a

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Inspired by Bezzie's container gardening, a few weeks ago I went and bought some pots, dirt and seeds and planted my own little container garden:

I'm worried that I might've planted a bit late but I figured our 24hrs of daylight will make up for it. On the package of corn it said it's specially selected for colder environments with shorter growing times so we'll see! The only things sprouting right now are my peas (woo!) and my morning glory. Sometime this week I'll go pick up some netting for my peas. I wasn't sure if the landlady wanted to put anything in the raised beds in the yard otherwise I guess I could've used those.

I've been trying to get out and take more pictures lately. It's a bit hard because I've been going to bed fairly early and during the day there isn't really anything remarkable happening (a photography book I just got said that the only two times a day a landscape photographer should be out taking pictures is dawn and dusk --- dusk here is 2-3am!). Anyway, we went for a walk around the lake yesterday evening and I got a few nice shots and then around 2am I noticed the light was doing some pretty cool things outside so we took a drive. I don't normally put my "professional" photos up on here but I really wanted to share this shot:

Robin Update:
Mum said the baby robins have left the nest so unfortunately there aren't any more pictures :-( That happened faster than I thought it would!

Temperature: +13C
Sunrise: n/a
Sunset: n/a

Monday, June 9, 2008

Robin Update

I'm a little late posting this picture but mum sent me a picture of the Robins from Friday.

There hasn't been too much knitting happening lately but I've been dyeing quite a bit. I have 5 or 6 skeins dyed, dried and reskeined. All I need to do is make tags and take pictures of them.

I might be getting my braces off next month - woo! There's a bit of a kerfuffle though... Because of budget cuts the hospital doesn't think they can continue the orthodontist's contract which leaves me pretty screwed... The ortho is going to try to come up once more and if my teeth aren't quite ready I'll have to fly to Yellowknife (at my own expense) to get ortho treatment. I'm pretty mad since I never would've decided to get braces if I knew this would happen and we're SO close to being done too! I can't afford to fly to Yellowknife every 6 weeks to have adjustments (that would make my braces probably the most expensive ones on the planet if they cost $5000 already and then an extra $1000 for every flight to YK... ugh!!!).
I really hope they can work something out because I don't want to get the braces off before I'm 100% satisfied but at the same time they HAVE TO come off if the ortho is only coming up once more - ugh!! At the moment we're trying to speed things along so I'll be done in 6ish weeks so I have the most ridiculous elastics configuration EVER. Here's a picture of the two I could find:

The first one is on my left side the second one goes right across the front of my teeth basically making it impossible to eat, drink (yay straws!) and talk and then the third one is a box configuration on my right side starting at my canine tooth (it goes from that tooth to the premolar next to it and then to the two teeth below). It's also extremely painful :(

Anyway! I'm off to figure out what to do about dinner!

(P.S. My "Artist Bio" is up on!)

Temperature: +21C
Sunrise: n/a
Sunset: n/a

Monday, June 2, 2008

Exciting News From the Park!

My mum called me collect on Saturday from the payphone out at the park to tell me some exciting news. Remember those Robin's eggs? Well, there are three babies in the nest now!

Since she'll be out there so much she's going to try to get a picture of them ever few days/week.

I got all my kits put together for my workshop (took all evening!) and I even got a really great piece done (it's a picture of fireweed a plant that is REALLY common around here).

I have another picture done too but it's not as great. I don't draw or paint so it's a bit tough for me to get perspective just right. I find needle felting to be a bit more forgiving than drawing or painting so I don't get so frustrated.

Here's a picture of the first batch of canvases I ordered:

These are all 8x10s. I put in another order with a few more 8x10s and some 16x20s. I also ordered two 16x20s of our Australia pictures (a Koala picture and a Twelve Apostles picture). I LOVE how these turned out and I'm so excited.

Anyway! I should get ready to go downtown... I was going to get my drivers license renewed today but I think I'll put it off until tomorrow.

Temperature: +9C
Sunrise: n/a
Sunset: n/a