Thursday, January 1, 2009

You Don't Want to Know How Cold it is Out There...

Here's a picture of Tilley I took the other day:

And here's a picture of the card I made for my boss (sorry for the crappy dark photo):

Other than that... We didn't do anything for New Years... I worked until 11pm and had an incredible headache. We watched the Edmonton fireworks on TV (compared to the Sydney fireworks we watched 5 minutes beforehand they were pretty disappointing... There isn't a lot of competition when Sydney spends $5M AUS compared to Edmonton's $200,000 - or there abouts) and then watched some Lost and went to bed. As you can see, we live a pretty exciting life :-p

Temperature: -42C (yikes...)
Sunrise: n/a
Sunset: n/a


Anonymous said...

Well, I'd say that's mighty cold!! Bundle up and stay warm.

Happy New Year!!!

Megan said...

It sure was! It has "warmed up" to -31C now haha (thankfully it does feel warmer!)

Happy New Year to you too!