Monday, January 5, 2009

Cricut Crafting and Possibly a Sunrise?

I can't say our weather has improved much since my last post but it's not -40C at least! (Ok, it's not much warmer than -40 but those few degrees mean the difference of getting freeze burn unlocking and closing your door and your hand just being friggin cold).

I'm happy that things have returned to their regular schedule now that the holidays are over! I of course excitedly rushed to the stationary store today to get cardstock only to find out... They don't have any! (Ok, they had some but only MASSIVE packs of one colour... I was looking more for packs of multi colour since I don't need like 500 sheets of emerald green cardstock...). hrumph... Here I've been pining away for the stationary store to be open for two weeks only to find out that they don't have what I want anyway (apparently there's some coming in).

Quilting started back up tonight too which was fun. I took my Cricut in with me since I told the girls I'd bring it when it got here (and then we didn't have quilting for two weeks). I did my first fabirc cutting project - woo! I'm SO not used to layering things so it took me a while to figure out what fabrics to use and what I even wanted to make! I ended up settling on a snow globe:

It's not quite finished. I'm probably going to put a moon on it (in the same fabric as the trees only yellow). It's too bad I didn't have a wider strip of the blue "snow" but I don't thing the seam line is as prominent in person as on the camera. The snow globe is 7½" and the trees are 3". I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it? One of the ladies suggested making a quilt and each block having an appliqué (or every other block). It would definitely give me an excuse to cut a bunch more fabric!
The snow globe cut fine but the trees were a bit more finicky and I ended up using scissors to cut part of a few of the trees out (it really didn't like cutting the stars on top!). I used max. pressure, low speed and blade depth of 5.

Going back to the topic of weather (only because this info is on the same site): Apparently we had a sunrise today? I don't think we did I think the website updates in a later time zone and this info is for tomorrow (I guess we'll see tomorrow). So yay for the sunrise! We made it through the darkness! It's only going to get lighter from here!

Temperature: -35C
Sunrise: 1:25pm
Sunset: 2:36pm

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