Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Bit More Crafting

Looks like our heatwave is coming to an end. It was 5 or 6C yesterday and everything was melting like crazy. It didn't feel like January AT ALL. Now that we've had our short taste of warm weather, we're going to get a harsh wake-up call when we get into the -30s and -40s again! The only crappy thing about all the melting is that it didn't melt enough. All the roads and parking lots have deep -now- frozen tracks in them and it makes it hard to walk through. .. It would've been nice if it melted enough so all the roads & parking lots were clear! With everything melting and freezing again it's REALLY slippery... I almost fell a few times yesterday!

January at work means the start of the resident's birthdays. For whatever reason, all our residents have birthdays between the middle of January and the middle of May and yesterday was the first of 5.
I of course couldn't pass up this prime Cricut using opportunity!

Sorry the second picture is kind of crappy. I only brought my small camera with me to work and didn't use the flash.
I took down the "JOE" and the dog and put it on his bedroom door. He was pretty happy with the dog cut-out (loves dogs).
We have another birthday in about 2 weeks so I'll probably cut out some more letters (maybe something a bit more girly?).

Temperature: -2C (feels like -6C)
Sunrise: 12:16pm
Sunset: 3:52pm

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