Thursday, January 15, 2009


We're having a heatwave here in the Arctic! It's currently -1C but it was 0C about an hour ago when we went to the store. The forecast keeps changing every time I look at the weather site - they said it was supposed to be +4 tomorrow and +3 on Saturday but that's changed now.

Here's a picture I took on Monday when it was around -38C


I have a bit of a rant about IVs... I just had some medical stuff done yesterday that required me to have an IV (sedation) and do you think they could get the frigging thing in?! Guess how many times it took? FOUR. It's bad enough getting poked with that massive needle once but four times was pretty unbearable. They tried three times in one hand and once in the other (they tried it on the left first, then the right and then decided to leave it to the anaesthesiologist. Great! Except the nurse that wheeled me in decided to have a go before he got there - she got it on her second attempt). For someone that gets needles on a semi-regular basis it's not a big deal to get poked but I'm seriously scared about IVs now and I think next time I'm just going to ask that they wait and let the anaesthesiologist do it (since they won't put it in the night before). It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't hurt so much!! At least the side of one of my fingers isn't numb like last time...

So yeah.. I have another day off work before I go back for two shifts (then my days off again) so besides taking a lot of naps I'm hoping to get some time with my Cricut. I want to get a "Happy Birthday" sign cut out for one of the residents.

Temperature: -1C
Sunrise: 12:32pm
Sunset: 3:35pm


toni in florida said...

I hate IVs also. When I had my first son (now almost 19 years old!!!), the thing that hurt worst (in an acute way) was the insertion of the IV. Something about me having "big valves" in my veins. And I didn't have an epidural and did have a pitocin drip, so I still felt the back-to-back contractions (albeit through some very minor IV painkiller). IVs are a major pain, literally and figuratively.

Enjoy your warm-up!

Megan said...

I wonder why they haven't thought of a better method?
They said something about my veins being "valvey" and small... Being dehydrated from the scope prep didn't help either!