Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Rain Followed Me Home...

Well, I'm home! Apparently a week and a half of rain wasn't enough because it followed me up here - it's been raining since I landed - arg!!!! Rain up here is pretty miserable - it gets COLD when it rains. Not like other places where summer rain is nice and refreshing and can even be warm. Oh no, not here. Rain means the temperature plunges and you get icy raindrops and freezing wind. And for me it means I get nice and sore/achy. My friggin hips are killing me and all I want to do is sleep - but I can't since sleeping hurts too much :-(

So remember how I was going to have this great post with pictures of the antelope I saw (the closest one yet)? Well genius Glen was playing with the new camera and somehow erased ALL the pictures - ?!?!?! - I hadn't even found the erase all button! So all my pictures from the last day (antelope and pictures from the park) are all gone :-( booo!!!!

So going along with our lack of pictures theme for the day, I made a great dinner last night and didn't even get pictures of it. I bought a Crohn's book while I was south and the last 200ish pages are all recipes. It has a killer falafel recipe in it that I've made twice now. We went to two grocery stores yesterday and neither of them had pitas so I decided to make my own. They turned out REALLY good!
First off, the falafel itself was better than the first time (coarsely chopped the chickpeas with my manual starfrit thinger instead of blending them too much made it MUCH easier to work with and I made them into patties instead of balls). They could've used a bit more spice but it was still good. Secondly, home made pita is friggin amazing! Besides the fact that it tasted like actual pita, the fact that they puff up in the oven and actually make a pocket is so cool! Another bonus is the fact that it didn't upset my stomach at all - woo!

On the yarn-y front, I've been dyeing a few skeins a day since I got home. I'm seriously thinking of starting an etsy shop but I have to look into a few things (like fees for paypal and all that?). If I start one up it probably won't be until August-ish. I'm knee deep in arts festival prep right now and that's taking a lot of my time and concentration. I got my preliminary canvas prints yesterday and am really thrilled. I've ordered a bunch more and I'm thinking about doing cards and calendars again. I'm having a problem finding a place that does printing and doesn't plaster their logo on everything. I have all my workshop stuff too - woo! - I have to make up a few example pieces and put the kits together and I'll be ready for that too. I'll try to get some of that done tonight during Lost.

Anyway! This is getting rather long. I'll get a picture of those canvases and post that soon!

Temperature: +2C (feels like -2C)
Sunrise: n/a
Sunset: n/a

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