Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dyed Yarn and Needle Felting!

I've finally gotten around to taking pictures of my latest dyeing. I'm not too happy with the pictures though - it's been overcast for a few days now so it was hard to get accurate colours. I did some photoshop work and they're as close as I can get them (I hate editing colours in photos, sort of feels like cheating). The red skeins have a lot more pink and orange in them than it shows.

I've also started some more elaborate needle felting (branching out from the inuksuks I've been doing!). I'm planning on running a needle felting workshop this summer so I figured I'd better get some example pieces done. I've ordered all my supplies and a few books (more examples and I'd love to do some 3D animals!). I'm getting really excited! For the people that have been reading from the beginning, one of my first posts (or was it my first?) was about the craft-y stuff I did at the art festival last summer - that is where I'll be running the workshop. Normally the workshop you run is related to the art you have in the gallery but since I can't really think of a good photography workshop I got the OK to do a needle felting one.

I got another BSJ done the other day but forgot to take a picture of it earlier. It's A LOT smaller than the previous one I made. I'm almost wondering if it'll be too small for an actual baby? If all else fails it can go on a doll!

Temperature: -3C (feels like -7C)
Sunrise: 5:19am
Sunset: 12:29am

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toni in florida said...

Pretty! Can't wait to see the BSJ, too. I haven't tried one of those yet.

I posted the pics of the Gator Pride yarn on my site today. Thank you again for such a wonderful gift!