Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby Surprise Jackets

I finished my third BSJ over the weekend and have already started a fourth (addictive little things!). I'm making a few sizes since you never know when something like this could come in handy (and I have no idea what size children are! ie: I can't look at one of these sweaters and say "oh! That will fit a ___ year/month old").

The green one is by far the biggest one I've knit so far (I was starting to think I could wear it as a shrug!) and the pink one is the smallest. I don't really have a lot of experience with newborn babies so I don't know if the pink sweater would actually fit a baby or if it's too small... I have a doll that my mum made and it's wearing an outfit I wore when I was a few months old and, the sweater fit the doll so I'm thinking as long as the baby isn't 10lbs it'll probably fit (I was a smallish baby at 6lbs 6ish oz).

I'm going out of town at the end of the week (another medical trip!) so I'm trying to decide what projects I should take with me. I might have my fourth BSJ done by the time I leave so I could either start another one and bring it or bring something completely different (felted slippers, the socks I've been working on, ???)... Ahhh decisions!
I'm trying to decide if I want to take knitting with me on the plane. I've never had problems before but I don't really fancy losing a set of KP Options tips when I go through security in Yellowknife and Edmonton.
I'm extending my trip so I can go down to Saskatchewan and see my mum. I haven't seen her since last year when we got back from Australia. Since she lives so close to the US (75km to the border) we're thinking of taking a day trip into Montana (either Havre or Great Falls). I'm going to take my camera and my laptop so I should have time to update my blog while I'm gone (we don't really have any concrete plans - I'll be there from the 18th-26th).

Temperature: +3C (feels like -1C)
Sunrise: 4:47am
Sunset: 12:57am


toni in florida said...

Your BSJs are gorgeous! I love the varied sizes and colors. There's a lucky baby out there, for sure.

Have a great trip, no matter what you take with you, knitting-wise. If you put any knitting needles in your checked bags, you'll at least be able to knit once you get off the plane, even if not on the darned thing. Good luck!

Megan said...

Thanks! I'm finding it interesting how different the sizes are just with a change of yarn and needles!

I think I'll just put my knitting in my checked bags. I bought a portable DVD player when I was in Yellowknife a few weeks ago so I can entertain myself with that. Now all I have to think of are what DVDs to take!

Lisa said...

You are inspiring me to start one on my trip tomorrow... Lovely work!

Holly said...

Love your baby surprise jackets.

Hope your trip is safe and fun! I think felted clogs would be a wonderful plane project, if you decide you want to take needles on with you.

nadine jenine said...

Are you stopping in Edmonton when you come back? I'm here for another ten days or so before I move.

Megan said...

Thanks Holly & Lisa!

I decided not to take needles with me on the plane - turns out it was probably a good idea since I got sick and couldn't do more than close my eyes and deep breathe :-(

I have a whole whack of yarn packed though and I've started BSJ #5 - yikes!