Thursday, September 25, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Look what I woke up to this morning:

I don't a lot of progress on the second thrummed mitten. I haven't really felt like knitting the last few days. I did some reorganising in the "packrat room" on my days off though. We went and bought some HUGE clear storage bins so I could get my yarn out of the random bags and boxes they were in (you know you have too much yarn when all the yarn you have of ONE brand won't fit into the bin!).

We went to the community sign up night on Monday so I could register for hockey and I also signed up for the quilting guild. One of the girls that runs it has been bugging me for over a year to join. They meet on Monday nights (day off!) and they have a better location than they did before. It'll give me an excuse to get some quilting done! And I'll probably learn some new techniques. I was taught to quilt by my grandma (basic patchwork quilting) and obviously there's SO much more to quilting than basic patchwork (which I really enjoy but it would be nice to do patterns and appliqué and all that sort of thing). The girls also want me to teach them needle felting so that should be fun too.

Temperature: -1C
Sunrise: 8:48am
Sunset: 8:40pm

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