Monday, September 8, 2008


I didn't realise it had been so long since I updated!
Well, since the last time I wrote, Finnegan has come home from the vet (two and a half weeks home and still not blocked!) and is still recovering. I'd say he's about 90% back to how he was before. My brother has made the quickest cross country drive
ever (it took them just over a week to get from here to southern Ontario and that's with 4 days visiting family) AND got engaged! And I've finished two pairs of socks and started on a pair of thrummed mittens!

My brother, Cristine and her dad driving away

Finnegan (the fur is taking a while to grow back).

Afterthought heel socks in Knit Picks Felici - Coney Island and OnLine Tropic.

On Friday I'm going on a road trip with some friends to Whitehorse (we'll get back on Tuesday). We want to stock up on some supplies before winter sets in and prices go up like crazy and I also need to pick up some special cat food for Finnegan (one of the friends has a cat that had the same problems as Finnegan and she needs cat food too). I'm thinking of joining the women's hockey team in town (Tuesday nights - one of my days off!) so I'm going to pick up some gear when I'm down. I'm really excited about this trip since I've never been to Whitehorse before and the furthest I've been down the road is the Arctic Circle sign. The Dempster is supposed to be really nice in fall too so I'll have my camera for lots of pictures.

Temperature: +3C
Sunrise: 7:46am
Sunset: 9:53pm


Jo said...

Have a great trip - I'm still trying to wrap my head about going south to get to Whitehorse ;)

Megan said...

haha Yeah it is kind of weird --- I have a friend in Whitehorse and they go to Vancouver to stock up on supplies and doesn't get why we'd want to go to Whitehorse!