Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our Trip to Whitehorse

We're back and our trip to Whitehorse has been declared a success on all levels. We left Inuvik a little later than we wanted to on Friday evening and didn't get in to Eagle Plains until 11:30pm (Yukon time). We hit some funky weather on the other side of the Peel River ferry that lasted pretty much into Eagle Plains. We woke up early and head breakfast and got back on the road by 9am. Lots of fog and snow but also LOTS of mud.

The fog and miserable weather lasted until Engineer Creek and then it cleared off for the rest of the drive as the weather got nicer, the temperature got warmer - we cheered every time it went up a degree.

After a long drive, we arrived in Whitehorse at 8:30pm on Saturday. We checked into our hotel and went and had some A&W then drove around to see what time stores would be open the next day.
Sunday was spent shopping. Mostly Wal-Mart, Superstore and Canadian Tire. I stocked up on a lot of things that are going to be pretty expensive when the road is closed (and things that are already expensive now). So things like toilet paper, paper towel, kleenex, laundry soap, kitty litter and pop. Pop was SO cheap in Whitehorse! For a case (12 cans) it's between $10 and $12 here, at Superstore, it was $5.98. I also found a soup that I had while visiting my mum and stocked up on that.
Sunday night we went out for sushi - yay! Then went and saw a movie - Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2. I think I enjoyed it way more than the first one.

On Monday we woke up at the crack of dawn so we could take the truck in for some minor repairs (stuff that needed to be repaired before the trip). I got to meet up with Jo's sister Teri. We went and had tea/hot chocolate and then went to the yarn store! I had a lot of fun and wish we had a little bit longer. (I hope you had fun too Teri!!).
We finished our last bit of shopping, packed up the truck and got on the road. We got to Dawson City Monday evening, had dinner and then spent a few hours at Diamond Tooth Gerties - they do three shows a night and we missed the first one which ended up being the one I wanted to see the most (the Cancan girl part).

We got up on Tuesday and went and got some old time pictures done and got back on the road for the last leg of our trip. We arrived in Inuvik at midnight. We didn't see a lot of wildlife - three foxes a bunch of ptarmigan and then a mother grizzly and two cubs.

Here's a link to the pictures on my Flickr set - I don't have time to caption them right now so I'll try to do that when I get home from work tonight.

Temperature: +6C
Sunrise: 8:22am
Sunset: 9:10pm


Jo said...

Great pictures - I especially liked the ones of the mountains in 130908x15. I miss living near mountains. I'm glad to hear you and Ter hit it off :)

teri said...

I did have a great time - but likewise, I wished it was a little longer... Perhaps next time you come you could stay a little longer??

I was great meeting you!

Megan said...

Jo - Thanks! Some of the snow on the mountains were SO bright it almost glowed compared to how overcast it was.

Teri - It would be great to stay longer! I hope Glen can come with me next time!
Have you decided if you're going to make thrummed mittens or thrummed socks?

Teri said...

First - I will be making the mittens, complete with cheater string so I don't lose one (at $30 for the kit, it would be an expensive loss!)

Second - I meant 'IT' was great meeting you! (Not I - geez!)

Third - I hope Glen can come next time too - I'm sure he will like it :)

Megan said...

I'm on the cuff of my second pair but I'll try to get photos of the first one I finished.
Here's a link to the Yarn Harlot's thrumming:

My thrums are WAY smaller than that (I'll take a picture of those too).