Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thrum-tastic (a WIP)

I have LOTS of roving left over from my needle felting workshop this summer so I decided I needed some thrummed mittens (I LOVE mittens!).

I used the Yarn Harlot's pattern and instructions. I only made minor changes in the top shaping and the thumb (to get the right amount of thrums on the thumb I needed to decrease 4 stitches) and I didn't make my thrums quite as large - I did half a mitten then decided to rip it all out and start again with smaller thrums - one reason was because I was running out of green roving and another was because they were kind of distorting all the other stitches. Oh and I changed the measurements - I did more thrums before the thumb section and a longer cuff (3").

An example of how big my thrums are (size 3.75mm needles)

I'm still working on mitten number two since I didn't bring it on the trip (I started a pair of socks though and managed to knit in the truck for about 5 hours! I get car sick SO easily - especially lately for some reason - so this is a huge accomplishment since all I can normally do is stare out the windows).

Another knitting thing I'm kind of contemplating is knitting a pair of hockey socks (which are really leg warmers and not socks). I've decided to start playing hockey this fall because the women's team plays on Tuesdays (one of my nights off!) and it sounds like a fun thing to do. I've never played hockey outside of school so this should be kind of an interesting experience lol They welcome players of all ages and a friend of mine (one of the girls I went to Whitehorse with) is going to be playing too. I picked up all my gear in Whitehorse so I'm all ready to go. Registration is on Monday and the first night is the 7th. I'm super excited and if all the gear wasn't so hot to wear I'd totally be wearing it around the house lol.

Temperature: +5C
Sunrise: 8:30am
Sunset: 9:01pm


Teri said...

Beautiful Thrummed Mittens! You inspire me (I'm going to have to check out the Yarn Harlots instructions - thanks for the link!)

Megan said...

Thanks! :)

nadine jenine said...

wow, those look crazy!

Megan said...

haha they do a bit. Thankfully the craziness is contained inside :)