Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some GNAF Stuff

I've finally gotten around to resizing a few pictures from the festival. The first picture (well, group of pictures) is what everyone finished in my needle felting workshop. The whole thing went really well I think and people really enjoyed themselves

I'd definitely do a workshop like that again next year. I had 6 people total (one person did two pieces) and it was a pretty good amount - I'm sure if I had a full class of 10 it would've been ok too.

Next up are some of the needle felting things I finished at the festival. Basically, the people that do sewing and stuff set up in the gallery and do their craft for 10 days. People come by and ask questions/sit down and talk to you etc. I had A LOT of people come up and ask about needle felting!

I had a few custom orders so that kept me pretty busy. It was great to be able to have so much time to really get stuff done! Both butterflies are approx 12"x12" and the muskox one is about 6"x6"

Temperature: +8C
Sunrise: 4:01am
Sunset: 1:51am

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