Saturday, July 26, 2008

Knitting & Berries

Finished the Emily doll I started at the beginning of the month. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I would've gotten it finished sooner but I didn't have a chance to knit at the arts festival like I thought I would (wayyyyy too many people coming by to talk and there were a few sections I had to keep count of rows/stitches/etc).

I forgot that I didn't post the sweater that I made for Glen's sister's new baby! I made a BSJ and some booties. They really liked them and I can't wait to get a picture of baby Jai in his new sweater!

I've been taking so many pictures this month that my July folder is getting angry with me every time I open it (all my pictures are hyper-sorted too so it's not like it's ALL the pictures I've taken in July - it's my July 2008 Arctic Pictures folder that's getting grouchy!).
We went out on Tuesday and took some Cloudberry/Aqpik/Bake Apple pictures for a top secret project. Here's one of the pictures I took:

I know a lot of people really love these little berries but I think I'm missing what makes them so good. The few I had were good at first but had a really gross taste after the initial taste wore off :-/ bleh... But they're kind of pretty and they're hard to find (no one will tell you where they pick berries!) so it's kind of worth being massacred by mosquitoes to take pictures of them.

Temperature: +16C
Sunrise: 4:31am
Sunset: 1:23am


Miss 376 said...

Emily is a beautiful doll and I love the baby sweater. A really nice pattern

toni in florida said...

Lovely Emily! Cute BSJ and booties, too. And I'm a little leery of berries that taste icky after the initial flavor hits the tongue. Sounds like one of those regional or acquired tastes that I'll never acquire here in the Sunshine State, which is just fine with me, as I'm a food coward anyway.

Megan said...


I think they're totally an acquired taste -- SO many people up here LOVE them and they're like the most sought after berry! I'm sad they taste so funky!