Friday, July 11, 2008


Tonight was the grand opening of the Great Northern Arts Festival. I spent most of the day there helping get things ready and then went back for the ceremonies. Everything looks GREAT I took a few pictures with my new lens (another one). I got a 10-22mm ultra wide-angle lens. I'm really impressed with it - you can get SO much in the shot! I also got an AWESOME gear bag - Lowepro Stealth Reporter (link takes you to a photo) - I love it because I can fit everything in it PLUS my laptop and it's a shoulder bag. I have a Lowepro backpack and it was always a bit of a pain to take it off to get gear out - and I was constantly worried that I'd drop a lens out or something.

Here a few pictures I took tonight while they were still getting things set up:

Here's a (crappy) picture of my display:

I'm hoping to get a better one tomorrow morning when I go back and get my table set up.

And here are a few just for fun shots I took on the way home (LOVE the ultra wide angle!!!)

Temperature: +14C
Sunrise: n/a
Sunset: n/a

Edit: Yesterday was my one year blogiversary! If I was more on the ball and not so busy I would've had a contest... I'll think about having a belated one after the festival so stay tuned ;-)


toni in fla said...

Happy blogiversary! and congrats on the new lens. I foresee new photographic horizons opening up for you... and for us, as you share your pics.

Megan said...

Thanks :-D
I'm so excited about this lens! Being at the festival too has made me want to go out and shoot all day every day - it's crazy!