Monday, February 4, 2008

Self-striping short-row heel socks!

My first pair of self-striping, short-row heel socks are done and in the mail!
I got them finished on Saturday and they are virtually identical. The only thing is that the end colour for the toes is longer on one sock. I normally don't go to the extra trouble to make two socks exactly the same colour-wise but I thought I might as well since they striped so nice. It also helped with not having to do a lot of measuring haha.
Like I said in my previous post, I'm not as thrilled with the heel as I thought I would be which makes the whole thing a little disappointing for me. The heel seemed to want to sit more towards the bottom of my heel rather than towards the back of it. Since I'm new at this short-row heel thing I don't know if this is a matter of fit, pattern, my foot, or if this is just the nature of the heel.
They're going to my mum (like A LOT of my "first tries" do) so we'll see how they fit her (her foot is a touch wider and shorter so I think they might fit her better).
I've started a heel-flap sock with the same yarn so I'll see how the stripes work out for them. I'm not too concerned if the stripes are a little thinner for a few rounds around the instep as long as the colour doesn't pool (yuck!)

Temperature: -33C
Sunrise: 11:04am
Sunset: 5:14pm

(we're gaining 4 minutes in the morning and 4 minutes in the evening per day).


Cheryl said...

Aren't those self-striping sock yarns fun? Beauty, without all the ends to weave in.

Let's hear it for the return of the sun! I live in Anchorage, Alaska, where it's been about -25C for the last week or so. If it weren't for the return of daylight, I'd be tempted to crawl back into my bed and knit all day.

Megan said...

Self-striping yarns are great! Non-knitters are especially impressed (the lady at the post office was absolutely blown away!).

The sun makes all the difference!!!

glittrgirl said...

I love your sock blockers!

Megan said...


Good ole wire coat hangers!