Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another FO!

I'm on a roll!
I finished my earflap hat yesterday and got some pictures of me wearing it today. I wanted to get a shot too of how frosty my eyelashes get just from the walk home from the post office (less than a 10 minute walk). It wasn't as cold here as it has been for the last couple of weeks so my eyelashes aren't as frosty as they normally are. I know I look a bit dorky but at least my ears won't get frostbite and I won't have to keep taking my massive mitts off to tug my toque down all the time. (sidenote: My parka makes me look HUGE... I'm really not that big...)

Pattern: Official Kittyville Hat (no cat ears or devil horns)
Yarn: Bernat Big Value
Needles: Size 7, 16" circular and size 8 DPNs
Interesting tidbit: I bought the yarn in the summer a number of years ago and it happened to match my parka perfectly. I've been meaning to make some sort of winter accessory for ages.

When the weather gets cold again I'm going to see if I can get an even frostier picture than that.

Temperature: -26C (windchill -35C)
Sunrise: 10:28am
Sunset: 5:49pm


Jolynn said...

Yikes! That's frosty!

Cute hat!


Megan said...

Thanks :)

Paige said...

Hi - just happened upon your blog and had to say nice hat - way to stay warm!

Megan said...

Aw! Thanks a lot! :)

Toni in Gainesville, Fla said...

Hello from north central Florida, where it was rainy today, but in the 70s nonetheless. As I work nights and sleep days, that rain was wonderful and welcome. Your hat would be overkill here, warmth-wise, and more's the pity, as it's adorable! I'd say "stay warm", but I can't even imagine such a thing is possible way up there. You're a heartier soul than I! I enjoy your blog and just wanted to let you know that... and to admire your hat.

marj. said...

Love the hat and was interested to see that the temperature there at -27C yesterday was the same as it was here and we're in Southern Ontario....I thought it'd be more like minus a bazillion in the Arctic!

Stay warm.

Megan said...

toni - thanks for your comment! :) It's hard to imagine that someone can be warm when it's -40 outside but if you have enough layers on you can stay relatively toasty. I think my BF might disagree with me though. He's never been in weather so cold in his life and is having a hard time adjusting :P

marj - Isn't it weird how we can have the same temperatures and be at total opposite ends of the country?! A few weeks ago we were the hot spot in the country at +3 (and then paid for it by getting a mini blizzard and -45 windchills!).
My mum and I are often comparing temperatures (she's in Southern Sask.) and a lot of the time's we're not far off them.

maryannlucy said...

Frozen eyelashes??!! egads! I had never thought that kind of thing would be possible - yikes. Love the hat - great job.

Megan said...

If you're out there long enough your eyelashes will actually start sticking together! Even on that day they were trying to stick to my eyebrows!!