Friday, December 26, 2008

Done for Another Year

So I didn't really end up getting any pictures of our dinner... I took a few of our tray of roasted veggies (before they went into the oven) and a picture of my first purple potato (have you eve had a purple potato? They're actually quite tasty if you can get over the fact it's purple) but no pictures of the lamb. A few reasons for that were 1. I didn't think anyone wanted to see a picture of a raw leg of lamb pre-roasting and 2. When it was finally done I was in a hurry to get it on the table. Despite the lack of pictures, everyone enjoyed the dinner - the landlords especially (*phew!*). Glen also enjoyed having lambie leftovers for two days.

Yesterday I took two of our residents to a friend/co-worker's house for Christmas dinner. The dinner was incredibly tasty especially since I didn't have to make any of it myself (ok, that's a lie, I made buns and brought them along with 2 lemon meringue pies - but y'know the main stuff I didn't have to do - yay!).

Since she was going to be pulling out the nice linens and the silver I thought I'd make her some place cards for the table with my Cricut (see how handy this damn machine is?!)

We all left pretty stuffed and I got to go back to work for 2 hours and try not to fall asleep (tough task!).

All in all it was pretty relaxing and the residents were on their best behaviour which was nice (sometimes you never know what might happen). Now that the stress of Christmas is over I can focus on the stress of being supervisor and being in charge on the 2nd when my boss goes on vacation for 7 weeks - ahhhhhh!

Temperature: -21C
Sunrise: n/a
Sunset: n/a


Leslie Ann . . . said...

How lovely! I had never heard of a Cricut until now. What software do you use with it?

aka Leslie Ann

Megan said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment!

The Cricut is a stand-alone machine. You buy cartridges for it (think like a small version of an old-style nintendo game cartridge) and each cartridge has a theme and has pictures and/or letters that you can choose from. You can also get software for the computer - one lets you manipulate images from the cartridges you have and the other one (third party - and unsupported) lets you cut true-type fonts from your computer.

Hope that helps!