Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

Ahhh I think I need two more weeks to finish all my Christmas prep! I've started the Christmas baking at work (40 tarts and 5 dozen chocolate cookies so far) and I'm kind of not into it this year... Part of the reason is I accidentally baked my cookies a little too long and their crunchier than I'd like (which is no big deal but I hate to give over-done cookies to people). bleh... I have to get a move-on though because the boxes should be handed out by next Monday.
I've had super lots to do at work too because I've been made supervisor (surprise!) so I've been typing up new forms, doing a lot of running around etc. At least being busy makes the day go faster.
I have a bunch of knitting that my landlord wants me to do for them and I've had NO time to do it. I've hardly knit anything since the craft fair - boo!
And on top of all that I'm way behind in shipping presents out. I have two more to send and I don't think they'll make it in time (damn).

I've been doing a bit more cleaning to get ready to have some company next week (landlords over for dinner, some friends over for a small get-together). AND I'm getting the packrat room cleaned and useable because I'm getting a Cricut Expression. I'm SO excited! I've been looking for something that does this for a long time... I've been diligently tracking it and it's just cleared Canada customs.. Hopefully it's here soon!

We had a bit of a blizzard today but I guess it was all done by the time I got up so that's kind of boring! I was expecting something a little more substantial than a few hours. Also, Glen hasn't really seen a blizzard so I was kind of hoping to get a good one.

Temperature: -17C (feels like -26C)
Sunrise: n/a
Sunset: n/a

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