Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Prep

Well! The tree is up here, the house at work is decorated and I'm about to start my massive Christmas baking at work. Yikes! I can't believe it's the 10th (ok technically the 11th) already! Last year I did over 400 cookies (as well as an unknown amount of tarts) and put together close to a dozen boxes to hand out (long term care, people that have done favours for us through the year, resident's families etc) and this year probably won't be much different. Our butter didn't get delivered so I have to wait for that (probably tomorrow).
I'm going to bring my camera to work because I'm really proud of how everything there turned out. For now though here are pictures from my own house (click for big):

We don't do a lot of decorating here - mainly just put the tree up. Our place isn't really big enough to go all-out. Now that I have my new lenses and a remote switch (in my opinion), I'm getting some great close-up tree pictures - probably the best Christmas pictures yet. I'm already thinking of next year's Christmas card design (I know, crazy).

The Hat of Doom is still in my possession even though my co-worker sounded DESPERATE for me not to give it away/sell it and she was FOR SURE coming to pick it up. Annoying.

I'm knitting some cute animals to hand out with a few of my presents this year. I bought some "gifts that give more" - among the ones I bought was a microloan for a pig and a microloan for a bunch of chickens. The people that get these gifts are getting a little knit pig/chickens. I thought about knitting trees for the tree ones I bought but I don't think I have time now. I have some knitted ornaments to make for the landlords and ideally for some other family (and myself) but again, with all the baking and stuff happening at work I doubt I'll have time now. Oh well though :-) The ornaments were so popular that I might knit some through the year so I'll have a bunch. Grand plans, right?

It has gotten REALLY cold here (which the current temperature doesn't really reflect). I think it has mostly been the wind chill but, walking just from the vehicle into the arena yesterday was BRUTAL! I was so cold! And even the arena itself was freezing (I know the arena is generally chilly but this was unusually cold). brrrr...

Temperature: -27C
Sunrise: n/a
Sunset: n/a


toni in florida said...

I'll say it's cold! Isn't -27C the same as, oh, about -1,000,000F?? Maybe my math is a bit off, but it'd surely feel like it to li'l ol' me down here in Florida. It's only about 45F out there now, and will be near freezing tomorrow night, and... well, frankly, that's too damned cold for me! Love your tree pics, too, BTW.

Megan said...

Thanks :-)

haha Your math might be just a little off ;-)

When it's been -40 for a few weeks you come to appreciate it when it's "only" -25.

I'm looking forward to living in a warmer climate though... This cold weather is hard on my old lady bones :-P (the old lady bones I seemed to develop when I was 12 that is).