Thursday, November 27, 2008

Last Minute Preparation!

Well! The craft fair is tomorrow and I hate to jinx it but I think I'm ready!
I ended up building the cursed backdrop myself. I sucked it up and went to the hardware store and explained what I wanted - thankfully a nice person was working and didn't laugh at me and was even able to suggest the thickness of plywood to use. My main piece is 4"x6½" and then I have two side panels that are 2"x6½" (that way I only needed two pieces of plywood because they come in 4"x8" sheets). I got it painted and hinged together and I think it should be pretty good! (we're going to ignore the HILARIOUS story about me painting it first THEN hinging it and the hinges being on the wrong side and me having to repaint it - I wasn't about to move the hinges!) . I'm just waiting for Glen to get up so we can go downstairs and take the pins out of the hinges so we can move it easier tomorrow (because if we didn't I could bet money that the damn thing would bust).

I sewed up another bear -no pictures yet- he's blue with yellow accents (inside of ears, paws, back of head, bow). I still like my first one better and I seemed to have more trouble with the second one. We did an appliqué tea towel project at quilting on Monday - my first appliqué - no pictures of that either. It turned out pretty cute I think (I put three stars on a white towel).

I got my first goal in hockey on Tuesday! Glen just happened to come that night to take pictures for me and even managed to get a picture of me scoring! woo!

Maybe now that the first goal is out of the way I'll get more ;-)

Today is my last day of work under the old contract. If I didn't get my position back it would be my last day at the group home - weird!! I have the next three days off because of the craft fair so when I go back on Wednesday I'll be working for my old boss. There's been "goodbye" notes at the end of reports all week now... WEIRD!

Cross your fingers that the craft fair goes well and my backdrop doesn't fall and crush me mid-way through!!!

Temperature: -18C
Sunrise: 12:20pm
Sunset: 3:02pm

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