Sunday, November 30, 2008

Craft Fair Wrap-Up and Arctic Life

Well! The craft fair is done for another year. If I wouldn't have ordered prints and cards (it was a last minute decision to do it) it would've been a raging success this year. But because of that up-front cost... Not so much. I just barely broke even which is pretty disappointing especially because I have to find somewhere in my tiny place to store 14 canvas photos (I didn't sell a single one) and I need to make about 150 friends to send Christmas cards to.
My ornaments however, HUGE hit. That's pretty much all I sold. I counted up my totals and I sold 49 items - one table top snowman, 4 baby sweaters, 3 or 4 packs of cards a pair of mittens and the rest was ornaments.

Small rant and one example of the few rude people I had this weekend:
I had a lady come by about 4 times looking at one of the little sweaters I had - I had 4 different sizes - the largest one was $50 and the one smaller than that was $40 (I also had two smaller ones for $30 and an even smaller one for $20). She was looking at the two and then rudely commented "$50?! What's the difference!?" so I explained to her what the difference was (size and different yarn) and she walked away. She came back a few other times to look at it and once brought her husband by to look at it. She came back today to look at it AGAIN and then was pissed off that I hadn't lowered my price on the last day (I'm not desperate to sell everything so I didn't lower my prices today - and plus I feel like it rips off the people that buy stuff the first day). Then she came back again and looked at it and was asking me about it (etc) and then starts to take out her money. Once she paid for it she still bitched about how expensive it was! Like I'd twisted her arm to buy it or something... sheesh...
Also - I still can't get over the people that will stand at your table and talk about your stuff (negatively) when you're sitting RIGHT THERE... I can hear youuuuuuu!

And now for a segment on Arctic Life... Or at least Inuvik Life and what happens when the road is open (kind of - I think it's still only light traffic) and the stores haven't lowered their prices.

Exhibit A: Bananas

Exhibit B: Beef Jerky

This looks like pretty tasty beef jerky - I hope someone looks at the price before they buy it... Get ready for a shock!


I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Temperature: -14C
Sunrise: 12:46pm
Sunset: 2:39pm


toni in florida said...

Holy crap, that's some pricey jerky!

Sorry there were rude people at the craft fair. Too bad you couldn't've raised the price for that one lady, or told her the sweater wasn't for sale after all. Would have served her right. People (muggles) just don't get the amount of time required to knit a baby sweater and the fact that you're paying yourself next to nothing per hour for that time when you sell handmade items at a price anyone can afford. Knitters, crocheters, quilters, etc, though, we get it. Guess we know what category that "lady" falls into, don't we?

Megan said...

The fact that she was asking how it was made kind of made me think that she was a knitter too... But I don't really understand the whole complaining about it but buying it anyway *sigh*
And yeah, no one would buy stuff if they had to pay any more than a few dollars an hour for your time to make it.
Also, people see handmade and expect cheap... My grandma can't get more than $30 for a single bed sized quilt - I don't even think that covers her costs!

purple_niko said...

I know exactly what you mean about the people at craft fairs. I got pretty much the same thing at mine earlier this month. Plus, I got the people who kept saying how good/pretty/amazing/etc. my stuff was, but then walked away without buying a thing! I don't know what's more frustrating...

Megan said...

I got the same thing! I had SO many people at my table and everyone thought my knitted stuff was cute and that my photos were awesome and... no sales.. Booo