Friday, November 21, 2008

Getting down to the wire...

Craft fair knitting has definitely slowed to a crawl... I've been getting some sewing done though. I wanted to make some fabric baskets to hold things on my table so I made a few of those. I also thought I'd make some for presents so I made a few extra (and once I get more cording I'll probably do a bunch more). A co-worker's husband is hopefully coming by tonight to look at my plans for a backdrop thingy. In exactly one week I'll be hauling my stuff over to the rec. centre to set up!

I've been cutting out blocks for a quilt too (I have one on the go that is driving me insane so I've started cutting out stuff for a new one just to give me a mental break from it). No pictures of it yet but I'm pretty excited about both of them (my first attempts at triangle pieces). I don't have enough fabric for the first one so I bought some extra and it *kind of* matches --- That's what happens when you buy fabric 7 years ago and only get around to finish sewing stuff together now. So I'm hoping it will work out afterall...

It has gotten outrageously cold here - or it was outrageously cold yesterday anyway. -38C with the windchill - wtf? I got into the truck yesterday and it said -29C (no windchill) brrrr! It's not supposed to be this cold yet!!! I've been waiting to pull out my parka and my warm mitts but I think I might be doing it sooner than planned. It's also super dark out now (doesn't help that it's been overcast). Not enjoying that much either... blehhh!

Temperature: -18C (winchill: -28C)
Sunrise: 11:45am
Sunset: 3:33pm


toni in florida said...

I like it when the fabric pieces aren't too matchy-matchy. Makes the quilt seem more authentic, somehow. And those temps are unspeakably low. How do you stand it???

Megan said...

I've done a lot of patchwork (ie:random pieces from my Grandma) so this time I'm doing more of a colour theme for something different. We'll see how it goes anyway!

You just have to dress for the weather. I pulled out my big parka the other day and then it promptly warmed by 10 degrees and now I look goofy walking around in my big coat!!