Monday, June 9, 2008

Robin Update

I'm a little late posting this picture but mum sent me a picture of the Robins from Friday.

There hasn't been too much knitting happening lately but I've been dyeing quite a bit. I have 5 or 6 skeins dyed, dried and reskeined. All I need to do is make tags and take pictures of them.

I might be getting my braces off next month - woo! There's a bit of a kerfuffle though... Because of budget cuts the hospital doesn't think they can continue the orthodontist's contract which leaves me pretty screwed... The ortho is going to try to come up once more and if my teeth aren't quite ready I'll have to fly to Yellowknife (at my own expense) to get ortho treatment. I'm pretty mad since I never would've decided to get braces if I knew this would happen and we're SO close to being done too! I can't afford to fly to Yellowknife every 6 weeks to have adjustments (that would make my braces probably the most expensive ones on the planet if they cost $5000 already and then an extra $1000 for every flight to YK... ugh!!!).
I really hope they can work something out because I don't want to get the braces off before I'm 100% satisfied but at the same time they HAVE TO come off if the ortho is only coming up once more - ugh!! At the moment we're trying to speed things along so I'll be done in 6ish weeks so I have the most ridiculous elastics configuration EVER. Here's a picture of the two I could find:

The first one is on my left side the second one goes right across the front of my teeth basically making it impossible to eat, drink (yay straws!) and talk and then the third one is a box configuration on my right side starting at my canine tooth (it goes from that tooth to the premolar next to it and then to the two teeth below). It's also extremely painful :(

Anyway! I'm off to figure out what to do about dinner!

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