Saturday, March 29, 2008

SP 10 Final Package!

Here's the last package from my Knitty SP 10. I got 2 balls of Patons SWS and two balls of Freedom Spirit. I also got a toblerone, hubba bubba gum and some lavender body wash.

Thanks SP!

I really want to do some more dyeing but I only have 2 balls of highland wool left and Elann occasionally runs out of white - it's going to be my luck that I'll dye it up and I'll desperately need white for something.. I guess I'll just have to be patient until my knitpicks comes in or I should just suck it up and order a bunch more highland wool from Elann... Decisions decisions :-P (ohhh there's some in stock.....)

Temperature: -26C
Sunrise: 8:12am
Sunset: 9:46pm

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