Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I received a great RAK yesterday from amaryllis on the knitty board. I got a set of crumpet/english muffin rings and some other goodies (chocolate, key rings and some very pretty stitch markers --- the crumpet rings are busy making crumpets that's why they're not in the picture)

I tried making crumpets yesterday but they turned out more english muffin-y... While the recipes are pretty straight forward the batter doesn't turn out how it should when you add all the flour. It turns into more of a dough - definitely not batter-like and definitely not pourable like the recipes say. I tried it twice yesterday, once using the specified amount of flour and the crumpets didn't cook in the middle (too thick) so I tossed them and tried again with a cup less flour. They turned out (muffin-y like I said) so we kept them but they still weren't crumpet-y enough. I think I'm going to find a recipe that uses baking powder instead of yeast because our crumpfins tasted a bit too yeasty. Interesting... Thanks again amaryllis!!!

Not a lot of knitting has been happening... My days off have been spent relaxing/sleeping and running various errands... I tried knitting more on my sock the other day at work but my finger was too sore (the needle was sitting funny on one of my fingers - must've been a pressure point or something because OUCH!).

Oh, I've been meaning to post this for a while.... A few weeks ago I made a greek salad (2 green peppers, a cucumber, a red onion, some carrots, a few vine tomatoes and feta cheese) and it cost me $40!! How much would it cost to make something like that where you live?

Temperature: -19C (windchill: -26C)
Sunrise: 9:29am
Sunset: 8:40pm <-!!!!!!!!

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