Saturday, March 22, 2008

Guinness & a Hat!

Finally got a bit of knitting done! I have 3 "work" projects on the go right now. I started a baby blanket for Glen's sister but I've been really dizzy lately and looking at it was making my dizziness (& nausea!) worse. So I decided to knit up a few hats since they're quick and are hopefully something I can knit without feeling too sick.

Pattern: No pattern, cast on 92 stitches and went from there
Needles: 4.0, 16" circ
Yarn: Kool-Aid dyed Classic Elite Attitude. I don't know how much of the colour is going to stay since it's cotton & silk. It seems the silk really picked the colour up so it's like a muted colour with bright sort of streaks in it. The colour started to spiral but then stopped a few inches in (I think because I attempted to change to stst and then had to rip it back. My gauge must have changed).
Notes: The hat is a little short so who ever gets it will have to have a small head or not care if the hat doesn't cover all of their ears.

And in other news, I tried my first Guinness tonight. I'm NOT a beer person but I really liked the Guinness. It has a more mellow taste and it's not fizzy (I think part of the reason I don't like beer is because it's too fizzy). I couldn't drink a whole can of it (no pub here to have a proper one) but I think I'd be able to in the future.

Temperature: -29C
Sunrise: 8:37am
Sunset: 9:24pm


toni in florida said...

The hat's too cute. I love the almost-striping. I've never heard/read of any cotton/silk losing the Koolaid coloring, so maybe it'll stay as is. Or maybe the wearer will keep it clean and not need to launder it often.

Megan said...

Thanks! I seem to be really good at making spiraling yarns - I just started another hat that's got a stripe going around.

I've read in a few places that cotton doesn't take kool aid dye (it stains it at best). Silk is supposed to dye really well though so hopefully there's enough of it in there to keep the colour.