Monday, July 16, 2007

Some updates today!

First I have a knitting update. I finally took pictures of the stuff I've finished in the last little while (and one of the things I have in progress).

Here are 3 pairs of mittens. The first one is knit using Peace Fleece and the other two are knit using Elann's Highland Wool.

Here's a pair of mittens in progress. I haven't had much knitting time lately so they're taking longer than the should. Knit using Elann's Highland Wool (same pattern as the above mittens but I added a colour).

Here's little miss Dolly no pants. The reason she doesn't have pants is because the pants are frustrating the hell outta me and I just can't bring myself to work on them. Truth be told, I'm not happy with her little shirt either but she's going to stay in it for now. I used a completely different yarn than the pattern called for so she turned out A LOT bigger than she was supposed to (which is fine, I actually like her that big). The only problem now is that the clothes in the book don't fit her (she was supposed to be knit with fingering weight yarn and the clothes in worsted). I haven't done a lot of clothing construction (beyond socks and mittens) so making up my own shirt and pants pattern has been a lot trickier than I thought. You can't see her hair very well in this picture but it turned out REALLY well and I'm really pleased with it.

Now for my other update. A little over a year and a half ago I got braces. We're finally coming to the end stretch. Today the orthodontist took the braces off and then put them back on but in a different position (The orthos switched during the treatment and she wasn't happy with the positioning of the previous guy's brackets. Turns out too that she doesn't think I should've gotten those two bottom teeth out - gahhh!). Anyway, I took my camera today and got a picture of approximately what things will look like.

I look a little crappy because I had to get up at 7:30am to go to the appointment and we were up until close to 2am last night. (You can click it to see it larger if you so desire). My teeth felt soooo smooth and looked HUGE! It was really weird to see them without the braces. So, when the ortho put the braces on, she used a different kind - basically the traditional ones - so I got to pick out colours for the first time - yay!

I wasn't prepared for getting colours but I like my choice. I'm thinking about getting pink and yellow next time or even just all pink. We'll see. I'll probably change my mind a hundred times before my next appointment (August 17th weekend).

Anyway! There's my update for now!

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