Saturday, July 21, 2007

Kool Aid Fun!

Got some knit picks colour your own in a swap this week and have done some dyeing. I went and bought 20 packages of kool aid at the grocery store and the lady was shocked to find out I wasn't going to drink it haha

The left one is some Gjestal Naturgarn no. 1 and the last three are knit picks. The only one that didn't really photograph true to colour is the right hand one. It has a lot more pink in it. Oh well and the left one has a bit more orange. I'm excited to see how these will knit up. Haven't been doing much knitting. The weather was nice up until a few days ago so we were still spending time outside. Went swimming in the lake on Monday (SO nice!) and on Tuesday I went out fishing with my brother (and basically went swimming again since I had to go rescue his hook from a rock ledge) I ended up catching a 4lb jackfish though - biggest one we've caught all summer. If I wasn't so sick of gutting jackfish I might've kept it to cook for everyone but we just let it go.

That's my update! I have one more skein of Naturgarn left so I might go and dye that. I'm trying to figure out the best way to get really vibrant colours (the colours look extra vibrant in the pictures but they aren't as vibrant as I'd like).

Sunrise - 3:44am
Sunset - 2:06am

Temperature - 11C (overcast)

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