Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Even More Sewing!

EDIT: We went outside to take pictures of the quilts so I'm editing this post and the previous one to put in the better pictures.

I've got the pink quilts all sewn together!

"lap sized"

"baby sized"

Here's a link to a picture of the bundle I used for these two quilts: click - I'm going to use the brown fabric in the top left as the borders and then the pink check and the pink chocolate bar fabric as the backings (depending on how much I need for the lap quilt will depend on if it gets the check or the bar fabric -- they were ½ a yard short of check fabric but it might fit - I usually order ½ a yard extra just in case and they had the exact amount listed in the pattern.).
We've figured out fabric for Glen's oldest nephew. Here's a link to the picture of the bundle: click - I'm going to use all but the four flowery ones in the top left. And I've decided on the two fabrics in the second row on the right as my border/backing. I hope it's boy enough. Looking at the bigger pictures of the fabric it looks like it will be and there's a bit of cheating you can do with the fabric - like using the more "girly" fabrics for the small squares so you only get little snippets of the pattern.

The fabric for my cousin's quilts is at customs so hopefully it will be here soon. The ladies at quilting are going to be so surprised when I show up with a bunch of stuff pretty much finished!

In the next few days I'm going to run around and get some of the stuff for my 100 posts thing. I'm going to try to make it for the 14th (one week!) which will be my 6 year anniversary of moving to Inuvik (yikes!!!).

Hope you guys aren't getting bored with all the sewing talk!

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Natalie said...

Your quilting projects are amazing! I love the colours in this particulare one. I have been wanting to get into quilting since moving to YK. Does the fabric come precut and you fit it together? Do you have any suggestions for websites for quilting newbies to check out? Thanks! :-)

Megan said...


I bought them in fat quarter packs and cut the pieces out myself (basically different size rectangles, sew them together and cut those into more rectangles, etc). The pattern I'm using is "Yellow Brick Road" by Atkinson Designs (I've just cut out two more quilt tops!).

Are you talking websites for buying fabric or websites for help with quilting?
I've bought A LOT of fabric from fatquartershop.com lately (they sell fabric by the yard too).
I don't really know many websites for learning... The craftzine blog is pretty good for ideas. I've also bought a fair few books. It really helps to have someone nearby to teach you.
The local guild in YK should be able to help you.

Best of luck!

Natalie said...

Thanks for the response! I will check out your suggestions. Also, when my husband & I were having problems obtaining our passports, our MP was able to expedite the process. I am not sure that is applicable in your circumstance, but may be worth checking out.

Megan said...

Thanks for the info re: your MP expediting your passports.

We're not in a major rush (y'know, besides me being impatient!) and things seem to be moving along quite well. When Glen was having problems with HIS visa stuff that's when we should've contacted our MP (he couldn't get a work visa renewed and has been here on a tourist visa since).

I've bookmarked your blog so I look forward to seeing if you get up to any quilting!