Monday, April 13, 2009


Holiday Mondays make for boring blog material.
I have Mondays off and when the rest of the world does it means I can't go out and do my running around because all the stores are closed. booo... I had to get up early today to drive one of the residents to the airport only to find out AFTER we get there that the flight was cancelled. Nice. So I spent a lot of the day napping (because I can). I get to do the whole getting up early thing again tomorrow now.
But tomorrow is an exciting day! 100 posts and 6 years in Inuvik! Check back to find out what to do to enter to win some awesome Inuvik and yarn-y presents.

We went for a walk just a little while ago so that I could maybe have an exciting story or picture to share but nope. I got a bunch of pictures of Glen pulling funny faces. I think he might kill me if I post those :-p

Temperature: -4C
Sunrise: 7:08am
Sunset: 10:43pm


Batty said...

Stopping by for the contest, and bookmarking your blog when I get home... After living so far north for so long, you'll be feeling warm and pampered wherever you go. I was just thinking that our summers aren't long enough, but now that I've given it some more thought and poked around your blog, I'll stop my whining.

Anonymous said...

Hi Megera --
I didn't even know you were having a contest -- I just was checking out your blog to see what you are up to these days
laBou (Jess)

Megan said...

These comments are on the wrong post. Please comment on the other post to be entered in the contest (