Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dyeing Results

I took my swift and ball winder to sewing tonight to re-skein my newly dyed yarn. One of the reasons I did this was because we have good tables to clamp everything to (we only have a crappy card table here and it wobbles) and another reason is because I'm in a sewing funk. I have about a jillion projects on the go but don't feel like working on any of them. I'm getting a few new sewing books so hopefully that will help (they should be in the mail any day now!)

Re-skeining is my least favourite part about dyeing yarn (tedious!!) but it's SO rewarding when that blobbly skein turns into something really awesome. The skein on the right was a bit of an experiment - I was using powdered Ukrainian egg dye and I noticed it did funky things when I put it in the water (some spread out, some sunk, some sort of fizzled) so I put my skein in some water and just tapped dye on top of the water and let it do it's thing. I need to get some more yarn so I can fully try out my Ukrainan dyes. My mum's friend sent me one package of each colour.

Temperature: -34C
Sunrise: 11:03am
Sunset: 5:12pm


Teri said...

Beautiful! I love the gray and pink one :)

Sorry I've been silent - life seems to get in the way! Hope all is well!

Megan said...

Teri! I missed you! I was actually going to send you a message on Rav to see how things were going!
How was Christmas etc? Hope things are going well!

Teri said...

All is good. After Xmas, and a trip down south... then I started back at work. Settling into routine now - and it feels good :)

Hope work is working out for you (and cabin fever hasn't hit Glen yet!)

Megan said...

Good to hear!

Work is going pretty good - a bit busy but not as stressful as I thought it was going to be.

Glen seems to be holding up ok - the light is starting to come back so I think that helps. But we're getting anxious for warmer weather so we can at least go for walks without freezing half to death!