Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Craft Fair Knitting

Well, I've had the week off work (they're replacing the carpet and linoleum with industrial linoleum stuff - wooo!) so that would explain why I haven't posted since last week. I've been super busy with craft fair knitting and I've managed to keep up with my self-imposed quota of completing at least one thing a day (doesn't matter how big or small as long as something is done). I've seemed to have misplaced my size 6 Knit Picks interchangeable needle tips though - grrr... I'm making some snowmen and I've found knitting with size 4 and size 6 (same yarn) give me a pretty noticeable size difference so I wanted to do a few on size 6's and a few on size 4s to give people a bit of choice (I also did one on size 8s with chunky yarn and he's HUGE! 15"!). I've also gone through my huge "random FO" bag and dug out all the things that didn't have a specific home. I figured it's as good a time as any to weed out that sort of thing since a lot of the things I won't need when we move (scarves, mittens, toques etc).

I'm going to hockey tonight - woo! I'm excpecting it to thouroughly kick my butt since it's a power skate workshop.

So yeah! I have a tonne of errands to run today since yesterday was a holiday (holiday Mondays totally mess with my days off!) and the landlord's truck is in the shop again... Last week it was getting a new windshield (not because of us - the landlords wanted a new one for the winter since the old one might've broke with the extreme cold & warming up the vehicle) and now the fan belt is all crazy.. So the mechanic is towing it in sometime today (man, I hope that's what's wrong!!!).

I hope everyone that can goes out to vote today!! (I've been pissed off about this whole election thing but I'm sad I won't get to watch all of it on TV tonight - I like watching the numbers go up and down).

Temperature: -6C
Sunrise: 9:57pm
Sunset: 7:20pm


Teri said...

I think you need to start posting pictures of your FO's - daily!

Megan said...

haha I just might start ;-)