Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Crumpets (take two!)

I finally got around to re-attempting crumpets. My first batch the last time left something to be desired and apparently didn't taste like a crumpet at all.
Armed with a new recipe and a bit of patience we have SUCCESS!

They got the nod of approval from the resident crumpet connoisseur (unfortunately he ate his token crumpet before I could get a picture for posterity). Thanks again Mary Alyce for the crumpet rings!

Tomorrow evening we're going dog sledding with my brother, his gf and a friend. Our friend went last week and had so much fun that when she heard we were going she asked if she could join us. We're going to do a dinner here before we head out (I want to make veggie chili but we also have a bunch of random roasts in the freezer from a friend that we should cook up so I'll throw a roast in the slow cooker overnight and maybe make a pot of meaty chili for everyone else... I'm also planning a strawberry pound cake for dessert - how fancy!).

Check back late tomorrow evening or early Thursday for pictures!

Temperature: -8C (feels like -15C)
Sunrise: 6:26am
Sunset: 11:21pm


Anonymous said...

I've never had a crumpet before. Are they hard to make? I've been perfecting my biscuit lately. It's now reached a level where it won't shatter glass when tossed. ;)

Have fun dog sledding :)

Megan said...

Once you get a proper recipe, they're easy. My first attempt was less than stellar (no holes on the top didn't taste like a crumpet).

My favourite biscuit recipe is baking powder biscuits.