Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bit of an update

Opps... I'm getting behind in what was supposed to be a regularly updated blog. I can't really pinpoint what's gotten in the way of me doing this. Nothing major has changed in the way of work or at home lounging around. I guess I just never think to type out a few words when I'm sitting here bored (maybe some of it has to do with the fact that I'd always like to include pictures of interesting things or pictures of finished knitted things and of course that isn't always possible).

On the knitting front, I've purchased four Jean Greenhowe knitting books and knitting some of the cute things in those books have been my primary focus as was finished the last two Christmas stockings that were starting to haunt me in my dreams. I can very proudly say that everyone in my immediate family (Glen, Marc, Cristine, Mum and Ted - oh and me too) all have beautiful, custom hand knit Christmas stockings. I only managed 4¾ stockings before Christmas last year so I really had to finish my mum's and Ted's before this season. I was mostly done with my mum's so I couldn't do anything with it saying 2006 on it so just for continuity's sake I knit Ted's with 2006 on it too... It seemed sort of rude if everyone had a 2006 stocking and he was the only one that had one saying 2007 (it would've also meant me redoing patterns and graphs that I'd already printed out). Anyway, I'm extremely proud of them and I'll be taking some pictures of them tomorrow (work has been getting in the way of me having actual time to do things before 11pm).

About the Jean Greenhowe stuff, I've knit four of her "Little Darlings" 3 of them are mostly finished. Now that I'm finished the stockings I'm making her Santa Claus. I'm so excited about this pattern. So far I've knit the legs and have done about 15 rounds after joining them together. It's going along quick and unless I hit some sort of knitting roadblock this should be done in no time. I'd love to get a nativity done too before Christmas. For some reason I don't get the multi-piece dread every time I look at her patterns (like I do with most of the toys in the books I have). I just realised that I haven't taken a picture of the third doll she's not 100% finished yet so when she gets a shirt and some shoe/sock things I'll take a picture.

So to accomplish all of this crazy multi coloured knitting, and fueled by a discontinued colours sale, I have two quite large boxes Peruvian Highland Wool from sitting in my living room (to add to the quite large collection I have so far). This is by far my favourite yarn for almost everything so I don't think it'll be to hard to go through all of it. All the stuff on the couch is what I've gotten in the last month and then the stuff in the zippered bag on top is what I had to begin with (it used to be sitting nicely by colour in there but we've been rearranging the house and it's gotten tossed around a bit). Also note Glen in the background pretending to ignore me taking pictures of my yarn.

I think that's about it for now. Definitely trying to take pictures of the stockings tomorrow if I get a chance and if there's some sun.

Sunrise: 11:47am
Sunset: 3:32pm

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