Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It's hot!!!

I missed what is typically the nicest part of the Inuvik summer - late June/early July. We had one really nice day during the festival and I missed it because I was inside all day. Since then it's been a combination of rainy and rather chilly (you know it's bad when you cheer when it's +16C!) so I figured that was it for summer. A few days ago I thought I noticed that it was a bit smoky (just enough that the sun was kind of orange) then the next day there was noticeable smoke in the delta and a faint smoky smell. Well, with the arrival of the smoke came some warmer weather and humidity (very typical).

This is what we're dealing with right now:

(taken from the site where I get my temp/sunrise/sunset stats 29C = 84F).

It's actually a little less humid right now than it was when I got up (hovering around 50%). The Arctic is like a desert so even 35% humidity makes it feel very muggy out.

I think I've acclimated too well to Arctic life and this kind of heat feels hotter than it should!

In other news, in exactly one month I'll be in Edmonton and officially moved out of Inuvik. I called to confirm my flight today (I didn't book it so I wanted to call to make sure it was for real lol). I still haven't done any extra packing. I need to get that done ASAP. I have a BBQ to go to tonight and then I might try to get a few things done.

Temperature: +29C (feels like +32C)
Sunrise: 4:42am
Sunset: 1:21am


Mongoose said...

Last time I checked it was +36C in Edmonton... but I guess it's a "dry heat"? I must have missed when you said you were moving. Enjoy Alberta!

Megan said...

Ohh that's pretty hot :-S
I'm actually moving to Australia but I'll be in Edmonton for a few weeks before that.

Little Watermelon said...

Wow, I wouldn't have guessed that it is getting that warm at your part of the world!
Don't you think you will feel horrendously hot in Australia?!

Lisa said...

Whoa, it's hotter in Inuvik than it is in Ontario. That's just weird.

Megan said...

It can get surprisingly warm up here. The first summer I was up here it got up to +35C!
It got pretty warm for a few days at the end of June last year too.

I hope that if I ease into it I won't melt completely! Pretty much every public building has air conditioning. I remember when I was there in 2007 we mostly hung out in the air conditioned mall during the really hot days.
A disclaimer about that though is anything above +35, all bets are off! That's where my comfort limit tops out!

Teri said...

What in the world is going on in our part f the world?! I lov eit and I hate it all at the same time. I hate it because I'm at work with no A/C, but I love it when I'm not at work (and driving around with the A/C on - bad Teri, I know!!). This weekend we are going to a lake and I am SO looking forward to it!!!

Get packin' girl! Glen reads this you know!!!