Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Needle Felting! (and a confirmed moving day)

The arts festival is almost a month away so this week I have started a little more in earnest to get ready for it.

My workshop supplies arrived on Monday (needle felting again), I sent a disc with pictures to my Aunt in BC to get printed and I've started doing a bit of needle felting. This is what I finished yesterday:

For those of you that don't know, it's the Igloo Church - Inuvik's most famous landmark. I've been wanting to do a needle felting of this for quite a while now and finally sat down and did it.
Needle felting doesn't really photograph well --- the grass at the bottom is significantly more filled in than it looks and I don't think the cross on top is as crooked as it looks there (that spot might not be as filled in as the rest so the colour doesn't show up in the picture). The piece of felt is 12"x12" so it's pretty big.

My landlady comes back today which means I'm going to be truckless again (after having it since February I think?) so I'm going to haul out the bike again this year (I didn't use it at all last year :-( ). I have to run by the hardware store to get a new lock and a tire pump though.

I got confirmation today that I have a flight booked to leave Inuvik (it was booked on points so it took a few days). I'll be leaving on August 28th - almost a year to the day that my brother left (and actually the 28th is his birthday). I have mixed feelings - I mean, I really want to move and I'm excited but I've been here for six years it's kind of hard to imagine not being here - if you get what I mean?

Temperature: +14C
Sunrise: n/a
Sunset: n/a


Leslie Ann . . . said...

Such a nice job on the Igloo Church. Have been seeing photos of it as I google everything Inuvik and Banks Island.

I so appreciate your efforts at helping me with Stantons and hotel information; things are so up in the air about the logistics of getting to our final destination--the Ballast Brook River area. Plan A began falling apart yesterday, so Plan B is being developed--fly to Edmonton to Inuvik (rather Anchorage to Inuvik by private charter); so glad that responsibility of the trip is not up to me as I'd be horizontal by now; I'm learning to wait--patiently--which is quite a self revelation. I may look patient on the outside, but I can assure I am NOT on the inside :D

I'm so happy that you have a moving date and that your flight from Inuvik is free. Australia will certainly be a dramatic climate change for you; of course, you'll have to start a new blog with a more appropriate name :D

I'm not going to write off the opening ceremonies of the GNAF yet. I won't know until I have a ticket about what will happen regarding the festival. What time does it start on the 10th? The website doesn't say.

Teri said...

I love the needlefelting - you inspire me to dig mine out :) Of course, that won't happen for a while as I'm knitting a shawl for a wedding at the moment.

Congrats on your confirmed 'moving day' - change is a good thing. And hello - it's Australia!!!! Have fun! Enjoy the warmth of the sun (year round, I might add!), and if you ever miss the snow, youll know where to go :)

Rebel said...

Wow! That's gorgeous. I haven't tried needle felting yet.... another craft to add to the list.

Megan said...

Thanks :)!