Sunday, August 17, 2008


Just an update to let everyone know, Finnegan is back at the vet's.

He reblocked on Thursday and I took him back in early Friday morning. The vet had troubles with the catheter but finally got it inserted this morning (Saturday). Finnegan is doing well (considering) and is on IV fluids & antibiotics and still has the catheter in place.
The vet wants to keep him hooked up to everything for another 72 hours at least - he said the crystals in Finnegan's urine are so bad that when he put the sample on the slide for the microscope then put the cover slip on it, it actually "crunched" *sigh*
Finnegan will likely have a few more shaved spots when he comes home too because the vet had to extract urine with a needle through his abdomen when the catheter wouldn't go in.

Cross your fingers that things continue to get better the other alternative is a very drastic (and not 100% successful) surgery.


glittrgirl said...

I have everything crossed that I an. Good luck Finnegan!

Megan said...

Thank you!!!!

Lisa said...

Sending healthy thoughts Finnegan's way. Joey's surgery for this problem last year was successful, but mucho expensive. Here's hoping you don't need to go that route!